MoMA Acknowledges The Displayers

Recently a friend noted to us, The Displayers were thanked for our participation on the Pipoltti Rist Exhibition page of the MoMA’s website.

The Displayers participation of the Pipilotti Rist Exhibition at the MoMA included creating computer shaped and hand carved / formed 15′ diameter wall enclosures to house the exhibits electronics and projection systems.  Additionally the exhibit was to be ‘seen through the eye of the artist’ and shapes upon the floor and carpet added to the 40′ diameter round blue couch that was to be the iris of the artists eye.  A video of the projects installation can be seen by clicking – Video – the MoMA’s Pipilotti Rist Installation

More – Behind the scenes with Pipilotti Rist.

MOMA – Pipilotti Rist

The Displayers are very proud to have taken part in this project and grateful to Pipilotti Rist and The Museum of Moderm Art (MOMA) for publicly thanking The Displayers upon the exhibitions plaque.  Pipilotti Rist’s video installation projected upon all walls of the MOMA’s second floor large gallery. Conceived for the public to view the installation from the prospective of artist, the floor was covered with carpeting and a 40′ diameter round couch that from above (and the third floor) looked like the iris of an eye. Upon the walls were (3) organic shaped round enclosures 15′ round designed to house and conceal theater scaled projectors and blend into the video. These enclosures were created from foam, custom carved and engineered to address ventilation, access and mounting of the projectors. The Displayers created these enclosures and couch for this exhibition. IMG_1501 a 960