Searching for Belmont “Bud” Corn

For 25 years, Belmont “Bud” Corn ’34 was the P.A. announcer for football at Baker Field. He was a total professional, but also displayed a sense of humor from time to time, and that made him a beloved figure from 1936 until 1961. His final game at the mic was the contest against Penn that ended with a huge Columbia win that clinched the Ivy title.
Bud had to quit because his business was starting to demand too much time and travel. You see, Bud was the leading commercial display artist in the world, and with the 1964 World’s Fair set for New York, he needed to get started on the many requests for his design services.
It’s a great story, but I have one problem. I don’t know what happened to Mr. Corn next. Well, I know he continued to be a success at his business and that he had at least one daughter who was married in the late 1960s…but that’s it.
Could Bud Corn, who has to be at least 90 years old today, still be alive?I have tried to track down nonagenarian Columbians before. Last summer I found Sid Luckman’s favorite receiving target, John Siegal ’39. (He was also a teammate of Sid’s with the Bears).

Mr. Siegal was nice enough to take my call, but sadly he was too hard of hearing to be a part of any kind of interview. That was a real loss for Columbia fans old and young. I certainly wish him the best.

But if any fans reading this know anything about Bud, I’d appreciate hearing about it…even if it’s just a memory you might have about his voice over old Baker Field P.A.

You can’t let history get away from you.

Searching for Budd Corn –

By Jake Novak (Senior Analyst) on January 7, 2009