The Displayers solve client exhibit and display needs … And have since 1935.  We patented the ‘Portable Display’ in 1952 and get our greatest pride from client satisfaction.

We provide both for purchase or rental options:



Exhibits – Table top, 10×10, 10×20, 20×20, island, custom, kiosks.

EXHIBIT WALLS  – Flats, 8′ and 10′ in height, systems, fabric, stretch … and custom structures from metal, acrylic, graphics and Foam Core.

Graphics – Signs, banners, banner stands, applied, dimensional, hanging or upon sub-straight.

Accessories – Mannequins, Clothing racks, easels, slatwall, flooring, carpet and …

Furniture – Chairs, tables, reception, counters, displays, couches, vintage and more.  Link to The Displayers Furniture Catalog 

Lighting – Stem, Arm lights, LED, Halogen, MR16, track and …



FAST.CLEAR.COMMUNICATION. BANNER STANDS Largest selection of banner stand choices and options • Premium, mid-range and economy stands • Retractable, Telescopic and Spring Back options • Great quality • High-end functionality, features and durability • Specifically designed with unique styling points, giving an exceptional appearance • Multiple accessory and light optionsStandard Telescopic banner stands incorporate customary features designed to provide everyday reliability, durability and ease of use. Standard banners include a mid-range canvas carry bag and typically feature a one-year hardware warranty.

STANDARD RETRACTABLE BANNER STANDS incorporate customary features designed to provide everyday reliability, durability and ease of use. Standard banners include a mid-range canvas carry bag and typically feature a five-year to lifetime hardware warranty.

ECONOMY RETRACTABLE BANNER STANDS incorporate basic designfeatures, functionality and reliability. Economy banners include a basic carry bag and feature a 90-day hardware warranty. Standard Telescopic banner stands incorporate customary features designed to provide everyday reliability, durability and ease of use. Standard banners include a mid-range canvas carry bag and typically feature a one-year hardware warranty.

STANDARD SPRING BACK BANNER STANDS incorporate customaryfeatures designed to provide everyday reliability, durability and ease of use. Standard banners include a mid-range canvas carrybag and typically feature a one-year hardware warranty.

CAFÉ BARRIER – indoor/outdoor modular display system – stylish way to define areas or dictate traffic flow in or outsiderestaurants, bars, retail establishments, airports, museums,casinos and at tradeshows NEW and IMPROVED– indoor modular display system

MEET AND GREET TABLE THROWS & RUNNERSOne-stop-shop for the fastest table throws and runners • Can be used in many ways; perfect to display your messaging in any tradeshow or event – indoor or outdoor • Printed, imprinted, convertible, stretch and fitted options to choose from • Sizes of 4′, 6’, 8’, full and economy • Choose from 11 fabric colors and 21 vinyl colors

CAPTURE YOUR ATTENTION OUTDOOR DISPLAYS – One-stop-shop for all your outdoor signage needs • The line of outdoor flags span heights of 8’ to over 16’ • Great for outdoor sporting events and arenas, concerts, festivals or to draw attention to any storefront • Strong, solid, stable, wind-resistant, durable • Graphics are long-lasting and can endure exposure to outdoor elements

FAST DYNAMIC FABRIC TENSION FABRIC  Combining style and speed, the integrated fabric graphic makes the fastest display on the market  One of the most dynamic and popular large format graphic displays due to its maximum impact with minimal effort •Lightweight and highly portable • Easy to set up and packs away as fast as it sets up

BACKWALL DIMENSIONS COMPLETE SYSTEMS WITH FRAMES The most dynamic and popular large format graphic displays due to its maximum impact with minimal effort. Backwall Dimensions add style, flare and function to any 7 ½’ or 10’ straight display. Easily accessorize your with monitor mounts, counters, tables, and more messaging real estate. Purchase as a complete kit or as an accessory for your existing straight.

RELIABLE.PORTABLE.ESSENTIAL.POPUP DISPLAY SYSTEMS combines reliability, portability and style •State-of-the-art rare earth neo magnets on individual channel bars makefast and easy to popup and breakdown, especially when compared to complicated “snap in” channel bars and fragile locking style systems • All displays are offered in curved or straight systems, single or double sided • Option of combining either captivating graphic mural panels or versatile Velcro-friendly fabric panels

BOLD.SOPHISTICATED.FABRIC. is a collection of sophisticated, ergonomically-designed exhibit booths, architectural structures and accessories • displays feature simple and stylish aluminum frames, covered by stretch pillowcase fabric graphics • tension fabric displays come in essential and master quality options • Available in a variety of sizes and options From straight and angular shapes to ergonomic, flowing ones we offer a full spectrum of beautiful fabric-based exhibits, environments and structures, portable to custom. Make your exhibit and environment exactly what you want it to be. Solutions combine shape, specialty fabrics, lightweight frames and lighting to create captivating and artistic presentations and spaces. Shapes to mix & match… Lightweight aluminum frames are coupled with stretch, zipper pillowcase fabric graphics to create shapes that foster emotion, action and movement within and around a space. Formulate master fabric structures are formed with expert aluminum bending machinery and skilled welding technicians. We offer a complete line of tension fabric backwalls, exhibit kits, hanging shapes and structures, towers, archways, walls, rooms and more. With the endless options we provide, you can mix and match to create the ideal display, booth or environment or work with us to create a custom solution from scratch.

From fast, portable, off-the-shelf displays to completely custom FABRICated exhibits and solutions, we deliver the solution you need in the time that you need it. Whether you are looking for a tension fabric tradeshow display, or adding function through form in an interior space or retail environment, we provide a one-stop-shop for both sides of the spectrum and everything in between.

Specialty fabrics… Materials do matter. Each fabric used has unique qualities and performs differently in various environments. We use a plethora of high-quality printable materials to create fabric structures and displays – namely polyester materials such as stretch, satins, sheers, backlit fabrics and more.

Grand format graphics & finishing… Graphics are crucial to maximizing your messaging impact and your investment in a tradeshow or event. With the latest state-of-the-art printing technology and large format printing capabilities, we ensure your message pops and stands out from the competition. To ensure the highest quality and perfect fit, all fabric graphics are produced and finished by hand by highly-skilled sewers in the USA.

Lighting … The perfect balance of form, fabric and lighting can create a powerful, impactfulpresence and display. Illumination is an important piece of the puzzle to achieve the mood, style and staging that you desire. With LED lighting solutions, we can tailor the ideal lighting system to make your project glow!

Merging shapes and structures with fresh fabric, large format print graphics and lighting creates dynamic and eye-catching displays for tradeshows, events, retail spaces and interior environments.

The line spans from a collection of portable, off-the-shelf exhibit kits, hanging structures and architectural accessories to custom-designed and built exhibits, environments and interior display solutions combines state-of the- art zipper pillowcase dye-sublimated fabric coverings with advanced lightweight aluminum tube structures to provide elegance, functionality and style. The quality of the line is excellent. The perfect combination of form, sophistication and function make Formulate displays the ideal solution for any space.

All Formulate stretch fabric graphics are printed on state-of-the-art, G7 color certified printers and are hand-sewn, durable and dry-cleanable. The line includes tabletop, 8ft, 10ft and 20ft back walls and exhibit

kits, 20ft by 20ft island exhibit kits, hanging structures, towers, columns, funnels, archways, counters and more. Easily mix and match to create your ideal display, exhibit or environment or work with us to create a custom solution from scratch. NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SPACE NEEDS, WE CAN FORM A SOLUTION FOR YOU.

FORM LITE 8’/10’ DISPLAYSLooking for a sharp, simple, portable fabric backwall that sets up in 5 minutes or less? Look no further. The Lite 8ft by 10ft fabric backdrop is one of the fastest and easiest solutions you can find. In addition to the standard landscape / horizontal configuration, Form Lite can be turned on its side to create a portrait / vertical wall as well. The sturdy, lightweight 30mm aluminum frame assembles with pushbutton functionality. Simply stretch the graphic over the corners of the frame and you’re done. You have an instant, impressive fabric backwall!  Lite kit is supplied in a carry bag.

MASTER 10’ VERTICAL CURVED DISPLAYS Slightly arched from top to bottom, Master 10ft Vertical Curved exhibits combine pillowcase fabric graphics with lightweight aluminum tube frames to form fashionable and functional exhibits. Accessories such as headers, adjustable literature holders, tables and accents provide enhanced functionality and more real estate for messaging. The wide array of Master Vertical Curved kits and accessories make it easy to glamorize any 10ft space.

MASTER 10’ HORIZONTAL CURVED DISPLAYS Ergonomically designed, Master 10ft Horizontal Curved exhibits combine the latest developments in fabric printed technology with a gently curved aluminum frame to create a seamless, elegant exhibit that enhances the message of your exhibit or environment.

Accents provide added functionality and messaging areas. With so many choices, you’re sure to find a design that suits your desire for style!

Space maximizing Straight exhibits incorporate sleek, straight aluminum frames with zipper pillowcase fabric graphics to create a sharp, bold backwall that clearly conveys who you are and what you do. With a variety of accents including graphic headers, adjustable literature pockets, shelves, tables, counters and more,you are sure to find a design that best suits your space needs!

MASTER enhance the functionality of any Master 10ft or 20ft back wall and add more real estate for messaging too! With monitor supports, literature pockets, shelves, tables, counters and more, you are sure to find the accent that best suits your needs. Side tables and graphic headers also available.

20’ EXHIBIT KITS incorporate layered, staggered walls that are connected to create a unique, dimensional and versatile display.

Double-sided graphics enable you to feature a different look, brand or messaging so you can rotate from front to back OR use as a creative space divider for a larger space. With an easy graphic change, you can also from top to bottom to create a new, different exhibit and look for your next event. With theversatility of FLIP, you have many options to reconfigure over and over for a long-lasting, ever-changing display.

You won’t get bypassed with this 20ft by 20ft island exhibit in your next event or tradeshow!

Kit 2 features a fabric archway, a dimensional hanging structure and curved conference area to create a space that fosters flow, yet provides privacy for meetings and demonstrations. Each display element combines state-of-the-art zipper pillowcase dye-sublimated fabric coverings with advancedlightweight aluminum tube structures.

The overhead hanging structure is 13ft wide, 5ft tall and 1ft thick, providing ample space for a company brand. The prominent arch spans 14ft wide and reaches 11 ½ft high. An 8ft tall by 9 ½ft wide fabric backwall is positioned behind the fabric display counter to add a messaging area, privacy and a display surface on the interior side. An 8ft tall “potato chip” shaped, curved fabric wall creates a semi-private conference / meeting area or projection wall within the space. Monitor mounts and stylish display lighting are included. Internal LED light kits are not included, but can be purchased a la carte to add a glow within thereception counter and backwall.

CUSTOM  We can also fabricate a completely custom and ultra-creative exhibit and environment solution for you.   Each custom solution is uniquely designed, manufactured and custom crafted from a selection of sizes and styles of aluminum tube, which are blended with the very best-suited stretch fabric graphics and lighting. With over 15 years of proven excellence in the design, construction, project management and fulfillment of custom and custom modular exhibit solutions, we have what it takes to build a custom booth, environment and interior space. Concept to design, then design to production, we can provide custom fabric exhibit structures as a seamless turnkey service through to installation, dismantle and post-show storage.

HANGING STRUCTURES  Hanging structures are used to attract and command attention to your tradeshow booth or use as a focal point at an event or in an interior space. Project from all angles and draw the eye to your brand to proclaim your message! With a wide variety of three and two-dimensional structures and shapes to choose from, you’re sure to find the best solution to draw attention and create a dramatic affect in any space.

TOWERS  Mix and match the towers to add architecture and drama to any event or interior space. Cylinder-shaped and Rectangular-shaped towers come in 12ft, 10ft and 8ft heights and 3ft square/diameters at the tops and bottoms. They combine the latest developments in fabric printed technology with aluminum tube frames to add dimension, décor and sculpture to any event, stage set, tradeshow booth or interior space. Formulate towers accommodate internal LED lighting LED light not included, but can be incorporated to add a glow within the structures.

ARCHES add architecture and design to any event or interiorspace! Easily create and define a stunning entryway, focal point or stage set at your next tradeshow or event with Arches. Arches combine pillowcase style stretch fabric graphics with 50mm curved aluminum tube frames; these super structures are made inthe USA and collapse to a fraction of their size. Custom sizes also available.