Optimize Every Booth Exchange

4 Ways to Optimize Every Exchange in Your Booth

Every trade show exhibitor knows that a compelling yet informative trade show display is a must for events. While this is an important factor for your events, there are other factors that play a big role in your exhibiting success. The following tips will help you make the most of every interaction in your booth.

1. Train Your Staff to Engage With Customers, Not Pitch to Them

Although booth staff wardrobe and a well-rested and energize team is important, the interactions are what matters most. It’s not what they will wear, but what they will say, to potential clients and leads. While the goal of exhibiting is often to generate sales, pitching what you can offer before engaging and listening to the needs of an attendee makes for a very poor impression. Train your staff on how to effectively engage and converse with attendees and how to focus on the relationship rather than a sales pitch. This will optimize every exchange that happens in your booth and will most likely lead to better leads.

2. Notice Body Language

Posture and overall body language will either invite or deter attendees from your booth before you probably have a chance to say anything. Work with your booth staff and remind them of the importance of body language and nonverbal communication. Engage attendees by smiling, standing instead of sitting, and keep your arms unfolded. Practice with them as needed, so they understand how to appear inviting and welcoming to ensure that guests won’t feel overwhelmed or a burden when entering your space.

3. Refrain from Pitching too Soon

Leading with a product pitch is a sure way to turn attendees off and lose your business fast. Skilled salespeople understand how to have a genuine conversation that casually pinpoints important information (such as prospective client’s needs/interests) in an organic way. Work with them to refrain from having too many yes or no questions and instead help them rely on open-ended questions that keep the conversation moving while they effectively qualify visiting attendees. Listen to the client first, then talk about how you can help.

4. Deliver a Solid Product Demonstration

Even the best opening dialogue will quickly unravel if your team doesn’t know how to deliver a confident product demonstration. It’s important to work with your staff so that each member knows how to demo your product or service accurately. Don’t just focus on the presentation part of the demonstration; work with each individual employee to ensure that he or she understands the many features offered by the product being demoed. Giving them ample time to practice will not only ensure that their demonstration proceeds without a hitch, but that they are prepared to answer any questions posed by their live audience.


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