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Scam Warning for BTME exhibitors

It has been brought to the Association’s attention that organisations not affiliated to BIGGA in any way have been emailing and calling BTME 2015 exhibitors claiming to be offering discount accommodation in Harrogate.

Calling themselves ‘Convention Housing Authority’, ‘Convention Housing Reservations’ or ‘EHS’ they advertise a phone number and email address but no website link.

BIGGA have absolutely no connection to these organisations and ask all exhibitors to be wary if receiving emails or phone calls in the run-up to BTME 2015. If you have any concerns please contact the team at BIGGA House.

Anyone looking for accommodation should contact our preferred suppliers Reservation Highway through the link on the BTME website at www.btme.org.uk


Housing Booking Alert

Travel Planners is the only housing company affiliated with and officially approved by the Chem Show.

Please be careful if approached by any other company or service other than Travel Planners implying or claiming to be an official housing provider of the 2015 Chem Show. We have been made aware of other companies aggressively pursuing Chem Show Exhibitors, offering significant discounts. Travel Planners offers the guaranteed lowest rate available. In the past, there have been cases of travel companies that are entirely fraudulent, misleading exhibitors with false information and rates, and even booking rooms that did not exist. If you are contacted by another housing company trying to sell hotel rooms, please use caution and check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they are a legitimate provider. If you are contacted by any of the companies below, or any other travel company you suspect may be fraudulent, please notify Show Management at 201-221-9232.

Companies to avoid, as they are not affiliated with the 2015 Chem Show, include:

  • Book My Rooms, LLC
  • Convention Housing Authority
  • Convention Housing Management
  • Convention Expo Travel
  • ehotelers.com
  • Elite Corporate Planners
  • Exhibition Housing Management
  • Exhibition Housing Services
  • Expo Housing
  • Execu-Link Corp
  • Global Events Group
  • Global Housing Management (GHM Travel)
  • HDMC Group
  • HLS Global
  • IEP Group
  • International Events
  • Le Company LLC
  • National Hotels Association
  • National Travel Associates
  • Show Coordinators
  • T I R A Convention Travel Management
  • TradeShow Housing
  • WholesaleTravelPlanners

Expo Lodging Division Convention Housing Authority Convention Housing Services Misrepresents as Official Vendor for Firefighter show, scammed $2800 from me! Nationwide

Warn all of your registrants about this SCAM. This agency systematically targets large conventions. I had to cancel my credit card and I will now have to file fraud paperwork to be sure my card is not charged.

This agency claims to have an official relationship with the conference you register for, and is assisting registrants with reservations on their behalf. They insist that other area hotels are sold out, and that a room needs to be booked and paid for immediately in order to secure lodging. You are then sent a digital contract which flashes on the screen for a moment, and then a box appears for you to insert your digital signature.

Once you sign the contract, you are agreeing to give this agency a 25% cancellation fee (once you realize you’ve been duped and you try to cancel), and you are also signing up for a  “Preferred Client Club” membership which will automatically charge your credit card $42 a month.

When I contacted the agency to cancel my “Preferred Client Club” membership, I received an email indicating that my subscription to this membership allowed me to book at the “discounted” rate in the first place (still $100 more per night then the other hotels in the area), but not to worry because of the “free 15 day promotion” I will not be charged at the higher rate which would in turn increase my 25% cancellation fee. I’m not sure if this is their way of appeasing those who have fallen victim to the scam, or if they truly believe they are providing a service..

Hopefully, others will not make the same mistake.