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  • Sunday, February 21  | 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Monday, February 22 | 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Tuesday, February 23 | 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.



Javits Center North: 11th Ave. and 39th St entrance, on level 2.

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CURVEXPO | Pre-Show Press Release

For Immediate Release

Monday, December 14, 2015 – New York, NY

As December rolls into January, a new sense of motivation and inspiration envelops us.  The New Year is a time for innovation, for newness, and for growth.  Eurovet Americas highly esteems these three values and takes them into consideration while planning each new season of shows. 2016 is no exception, and the CURVEXPO team is looking forward to implementing many developments and updates for both the New York and Las Vegas shows in the upcoming months.  The focus for the New York show was finding the perfect balance of tangible and digital improvements to add to the show, providing the highest quality experience for both the exhibiting brands as well as the attending buyers.  For February, it incorporates an enhanced show experience, starting with new technology such as webinars and a mobile app, a new layout for a more contemporary feel, and Fashion Show and Trend Presentations to bring products from the hanger to life.  Starting in 2016, Eurovet Americas/CURVEXPO will produce two show formats per year in Las Vegas; in February, LINGERIE AND SWIM by CURVENV@MAGIC, and in August, CURVENV@MAGIC.  Since the Fall-Winter shows do not have as much of a swimwear presence, we have decided to change the format for the future February seasons and maintain a high focus on Intimate Apparel.  The February show will then exist within WWD MAGIC, in close proximity to other fashion categories to have the opportunity for buyers to easily visit between various booths within the same space.  For August, the format will be identical to the past August 2015 season; the show remaining a separate entity from WWD MAGIC with its own hall within the Las Vegas Convention Center, allowing attendees from both the CURVENV@MAGIC as well as other WWD MAGIC shows the ability to walk all show floors.

New York attendees who were present at previous shows will see a completely different show for February, one that is filled with visual-based items designed to enrich the attendee’s experience before and during the show.  The new Fashion Presentations that were seen in the August Las Vegas show are being moved to the East Coast; the informal format with models showcasing looks on various platforms in the presentation area is innovative and garners a welcoming environment for all attendees.  These presentations will allow for buyers to see various products and styles in a more “real-world” setting; they are also designed to give coverage to a variety of brands as well as trends and introduce buyers to new lines.  Also featured will be various Trend Presentations to deliver invaluable information about the upcoming season’s trends, highlighting products from the show floor.  Both of these presentations allow for buyers to see an item in several different settings, and if they are interested, they have the option to directly go to that item’s booth to receive more information about the product and to place orders on the show floor.

CURVEXPO believes that the preparation before a trade show is just as valuable as walking the floor during the trade show.  Therefore, we will provide informative webinars before the CURVENY NEW YORK show that will teach you and your team, whether you are an exhibiting brand or a buyer, how to make the most of the marketing tools that are offered on the website. Since the show is so international and there are exhibitors and buyers from all corners of the globe, these webinars will provide attendees with the flexibility to learn about our website on their time.  The brand new mobile application and interactive floor plan are digital advancements that will incorporate seamlessly to your phone, aiding in searching for booth locations, amongst other features.  This will give buyers the opportunity to map out their day and easily find the brands in which they have appointments with.  This will also allow them to effortlessly find the booth of a brand they are interested in visiting.  Finally, visitors to the show will notice the tangible change; the new carpet layout and more streamlined booth signages exude a more modern atmosphere.

Those attending the new LINGERIE AND SWIM by CURVENV@MAGIC will find the show within the halls of WWD MAGIC, in its own dedicated section.  This will allow for exhibitors and buyers alike to enjoy the intimateness that the CURVEXPO shows are notorious for while still being able to experience the crossover to other categories such as Ready-to-wear, accessories, and children’s fashions. At this show, buyers will be pleased to find a curated offering of a variety of Intimate Apparel as well as a select group of swimwear brands; they will also have the flexibility to walk the rest of the show floor if needed. This new format will also introduce boutiques and stores that aren’t primarily lingerie/swimwear focused to a product category that is easy to incorporate into already-established product offerings while increasing Units and price per transaction.  This cross selling increases value to boutiques and large stores alike, keeping inventory fresh and providing clients with new product lines.  The location, while within WWD MAGIC, will still remain extremely near in proximity to the location of the show in August, in the C5 Hall; this will aid in the facilitation between the Spring-Summer and the Fall-Winter seasons.

In August, CURVENV@MAGIC will host over 250 lingerie, swimwear, loungewear, active wear, and men’s underwear brands in one hall, comparable to the August 2015 show.  Here, the show will incorporate a sleek and modern design not unlike the feel of the New York show to maintain a similar aesthetic.  The separate show floor while still remaining connected with WWD MAGIC not only supports the intimate business relationships between brands and buyers that the CURVEXPO shows are notorious for, but also gives everyone attending the show access to the RTW retailers by maintaining a close proximity to the rest of MAGIC (and an all-inclusive pass to the rest of the shows).  Together with the February show, the two formats create the most exhaustive reunion of these categories the West of the Americas.  Due to this, Intimate Apparel and Swimwear brands have just as many reasons to come exhibit as retailers from specialty, online and department stores, resorts and spas have to come to buy.


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